By Jon

Walter is really honest and responds quickly to requests, even long after the initial sale and installation, without trying to figure out how to extract additional money from you. Definitely has that old school customer service approach so if something does go sideways I would bet money he will correct it quickly and to your satisfaction. (I purchased my system 7 years ago at this point and didnt know him prior to that.)

By Anna G

Although I didn't think I would be buying solar panels, I ended up doing just that, and I am so glad I did. I met with Jerry, the salesman, because I knew him and trusted him to educate me about solar. Not only did he educate me, but he showed me that, based on my usage, it would be economical to purchase solar panels (and go with Net Metering) and even increase my property value at the same time. The crew that installed the system was great, and I was shown by two different people how to turn the system on once it was time to do so. Sandy and Walter were great to work with, and Walter even made sure I was set up with access to a website where I can monitor my solar production. They sell quality equipment, and offer a terrific warranty. I’m glad that Sun Fusion now sells systems instead of just installing them for other companies. Otherwise, I might not have gone solar yet

By Michelle K

All the staff at SunFusion were really nice and easy to deal with. I shopped around about 15 different solar company's and picked SunFusion seems like they were selling what I needed at a very competitive price. This will be my 1st full month of having solar and I cant wait to see what it dose for my electric bill. Thanks SunFusion Ive already recommended you to friends.

By Laura K.

SunFusion Solar is great to work with. They were professional, courteous and answered my initial inquiry in a timely manner. My husband and I contacted 3 other Solar companies which had great reviews however we were not happy with the way followed with my first inquiry for a price quote. I had to personally follow up with each company. Only 2 of the other companies gave me a price quote. One company tried to get me to sign a contract without answering my questions, and the other company was priced much higher than SunFusion Solar and really didnt ask me if I was ok with them climbing on my roof to look at it. They were very pushy to make a sale. SunFusion people actually took the time to answer my many questions, provided me with a presentation and asked me if they could go on our roof to take measurements and other details they needed to provide me with an accurate price quote not just an approximate estimate. They gave me the opportunity to go over all the details and followed up with me in a few days to see if I had any questions. Once we decided to move forward with SunFusion Solar the process was pain free, they took care of everything all the permits and inspections. Their staff was friendly and courteous to my neighbors. I recommend SunFusion Solar not only because of their pricing but because of their friendly staff and professional work!

By Susanne H

We met Walter Ellard owner of Sunfusion Solar at the Del Mar Fair this past June. We had been looking to install solar for about 40 years. What we've always wanted was a system that was run on batteries. 40 years ago, we would have had to fill the entire garage with them to make if functional which would also be very dangerous! Sunfusion has a hybrid system that runs on batteries that fit in the space of a refrigerator. There is an electric meter to SDGE with a switch which will automatically switch to the gird should it be needed, thus hybrid. We had Sunfusion install a system on our duplex in Encinitas and it is running both units. By doing so, we also installed air conditioning which is working fantastically. Walter is one of the top experts in the solar business and is an expert in this hybrid technology. He, his wife, Sandy and his fantastic crew are professionals in every way. They are excellent at their jobs and always clean up their works areas. They communicate clearly what they are doing and don't mind you watching and asking questions.... less

By Anthony S

In the early summer of 2015, just having purchased our home I was greeted with our very first SDG&E bill. A whopping $1400. Our property is fairly large has some items that contribute to the additional consumption: 2 x large wells, Guest House, workshop, etc. I knew a thermostat change and adding LED bulbs was not going to put a dent in what was happening. That night my family and I went to the Del Mar Fair. While walking around we met Walter and the Sun Fusion crew. I explained my situation to Walter and gave him the run down on the property. He said they would come out and take a look. I received a call the next day and we made an appointment. Sun Fusion came out, surveyed the property and got all the details on the home and its electrical. 2 days later I was presented with a whole host of options on how to tackle the issues. The system we needed to zero consumption was a large undertaking. 1 x 16kw array with micro inverters and a 4kw array for the pool systems. Sun Fusion helped me with financial end and guided me through the loan process with Hero. All of which took only a week. It took forever for the equipment to arrive and the permits to clear, each month my power bill kept going up. Finally in October the permits cleared and the system was installed. The 16kw array on the house was completed in 2 days. The crew that did the work was awesome, fun and cleaned up after themselves. The second array was for a dedicated variable speed pool pump and was aground mounted 4k array. Most of the same crew worked on this installation but it took a bit longer. It was cloudy and rainy and they had to make several trips back and forth throughout the install to test and work through leaks and calibration. Let me tell you that there is nothing cooler than watching a 4hp pool pump go full throttle and knowing its all running off of the sun......... The project wasn't all rainbows and unicorns, since we put 53 giant LG panels on the roof a few things happened. We had a couple of lag bolts come through the patio roof, we suffered a few leaks in the family room, the pool pump controller had to be replaced and the pool pump plumbing leaked pretty bad. But, with every issue I made a call and all the items were resolved immediately with no hassle or delays. I had a lot of questions throughout the entire process (a lot of them really dumb) and each question was answered completely. This was more important to me than I realized at the beginning. It gave me great comfort to get those answers, even when I didn't like them. The solar system is a big investment and a little more info went a long way in making me feel secure about the decision. So, now I am making over 100kwh of electricity a day. I have $567.13 credit with SDG&E and I am no longer afraid to open mail from SDG&E. The system is on track to completely pay for itself in 4 years, performing even better than promised. We didn't have to turn off the AC or not run the pool or give up any of the things that made us fall in love with our new home. Although we did make all the changes suggested by SunFusion (LED lamps, efficient appliances, etc) I am extremely happy with Sun Fusions work and I am proud that my family now has a zero footprint in energy use. Tier 4 to Tier nada -) Thank you Walter and everyone at SunFusion